I am available for ad-hoc or regular appointments for corporate massage/other treatments. This can involve me being in a separate meeting room set up with my massage table, or going around the offices providing massage at employees desks.

I alter my treatments to suit need, and can be booked to provide any length of massage from 10 minutes upwards. This starts from £28 per hour depending on location.

I can also be booked to provide on-site treatments which staff pay for themselves after pre-booking. All I need is a private room and access to warm water and electric.

Both of these are becoming more popular with employers realising the need to keep staff relaxed and morale high. Having worked in an office environment for many years, I understand the stress and strain your employees will be under.

I do require a parking space close to the building as I bring all equipment with me, which can be quite bulky and heavy.

Contact me for more information or to book a session.